Majed Kheir Junior

Majed is a fierce solicitor-advocate known for his assertive approach to criminal law in the Local, District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales.

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB.) – University of Technology Sydney
  • Member of the Law Society of NSW. Licensed to practice as a solicitor in NSW and in any Court in Australia including the High Court of Australia.
  • Member of NSW Young Lawyers; Criminal Law Sub-Committee.
  • Australian Muslim Advocacy Network – Volunteer Legal Advisor (assists with submissions to and appearing before the NSW and Australian Parliaments on various points of law reform.

Majed Kheir (Junior) is a Criminal Defence Lawyer who commenced employment with Kheir Lawyers in 2017. Majed has amassed a vast amount of experience across a significant spectrum of practice areas in a short amount of time.

Majed offers a unique skillset to his clients as a solicitor-advocate which allows him to either represent clients in hearings and trials himself or, where appropriate, brief a diverse range of highly qualified barristers, including some of Sydney’s leading senior and junior counsel.  This dynamic approach has contributed to outstanding outcomes for clients charged with a range of offences from domestic violence, major traffic offences and serious drug matters including importation and supply.

Majed regularly appears in the Local, District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales, advising and appearing for clients in the following matters:

  1. Drug trafficking, supply and possession
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. All level of traffic offences from license suspension appeals to street racing and police pursuits
  4. Terrorism Offences
  5. Firearms and other Weapon Offences
  6. White collar crimes (fraud, money laundering and other financial offences)
  7. Regulatory Prosecutions – Majed has appeared in disciplinary proceedings before the Medical Council of New South Wales as well as the NSW Department of Fair Trading amongst other bodies
  8. All criminal appeals to superior courts
  9. Commissions of enquiry including the NSW Crime Commission, Australian Crime Commission and Australian Criminal and Intelligence Commission.

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