Gamel Kheir

Gamel is a senior licensed conveyancer with well over 2 decades of experience in the property industry. Gamel is the head of our conveyancing team.

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Graduate diploma in Applied Finance and investments
  • Graduate Diploma in Conveyancing
  • Currently completing bachelor of Islamic Studies
  • Board member of the Lebanese Muslim Association
  • 10 years with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • 7 years with Aussie Home Loans
  • 15 years with Kheir lawyers

With a background in mortgage and home loan lending, Gamel brings a unique breadth and depth of skill to his role as a senior conveyancer. Having interacted at various stages throughout his career with all stages of the property purchasing and leasing procedures, Gamel has a sharp understanding of client’s needs and the most efficient and effective ways to meet those needs.

Gamel works with some of Sydney’s most well-respected real estate agents to foster a commercial understanding which ensures all of his clients achieve the best possible service. Having overseen thousands of property settlements, as well as advising hundreds of businesses in the community with respect to commercial leases, Gamel is one of Sydney’s most sought-after conveyancers.

Gamel is an active contributor to the local community, previously serving as a board member of the Bankstown Sports Rugby League Football Club and currently serving as Treasurer of the Lebanese Muslim Association, Australia’s largest Muslim organisation.

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